January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

Sorry I Missed It: Selling New York

One of those weird coincidences happened to me a couple weeks ago, in which an idea is suggested to me multiple times in a short time. Since I am a slave to the power of suggestion, I usually end up watching/eating/doing whatever it is. In this case, a Hulu ad and an HGTV commercial suggested that Selling New York might be a show I’m interested in.


Selling New York is a reality show that follows two Manhattan brokerage firms, Gumley Haft Kleier and CORE. Now, living where you do, you may not be aware that real estate in Manhattan is slightly rarer and more valuable than pieces of John the Baptist. It’s the one location whose rents make me feel better about mine, and should make you feel amazing about yours. Practical example (source):

2 bedroom apartment in Kansas City, average (64108): $1,295
2 bedroom apartment in Washington, D.C., average (20001): $3,000
2 bedroom apartment offered by GHK: $16,000

The clients on these shows are willing to pay five-figures to rent, and seven or eight (OR EIGHT!) figures to buy. Added bonus: they put up the amount of the 6% commission right on screen, making me realize that I will not in my lifetime earn as much as an agent can on a single sale. Six percent of 12 million dollars is a lot of dollars.

Now, you’d think realizing that my life of public service precludes me from living The Good Life would be sobering. Then I realize that I can’t walk in heels, handle my liquor, or have good jewelry and I’m okay with that. I am nothing if not aspirational, and it’s fun to realize that even in the midst of a recession, people exist who are able to invest ungodly sums.

We do have some ridiculously-pricey real estate in D.C., of course. You just have to be elected to live in it. And even the leader of the free world has seen his place lose value. It’s hard out there for a President, y’know?

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