March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

My #DigiornoHoops Party

Through the magic of the internet and my winsome e-personality, I was selected to host a Digiorno Hoops house party this past Saturday. House parties, for those of you not devoted to getting free stuff, happen when a retailer send selected people tons of free stuff to promote a product and/or event. In this case, pizzas and March Madness.

Perhaps a visual would help:

I got everything I needed to host a college basketball-themed pizza party short of an oven and a charge of statutory rape. Included were six (SIX!) coupons for free pizzas and fifteen (FIFTEEN!) coupons for $4 off a pizza.

Though I’m not as socially-inclined as Digiorno might have hoped, TheBoy came. As did Hello Kitty.

We broke out the pizza and cookies, because it involved both pizza and cookies.

As they baked, we fought with the rumble sticks and shot hoops. By which I mean I watched TheBoy shoot hoops because I lack both height and coordination.

Finally, it came time to eat. And eat we did.

Thank you, Digiorno! You are now second only to fresh Chicago deep-dish on my pizza pantheon.

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