May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

What an Assateague

In my sure-to-be-ultimately-futile quest to visit every national park, I stopped at Assateague Island on the way home from Ocean City, Maryland. In a stunning reflection of America’s bureaucracy, Assateague has parts governed by both the state of Maryland and the National Park Service. Just imagine what Manhattan would be like were it not for that dude with the $22 of beads.

So, anyway, your first stop when visiting Assateague should be the visitor center. First, to orient yourself and watch the video wherein you learn the horses are sterilized with dart guns. Second, to buy a junior ranger outfit.

Much of Assateague is covered with dunes, woods, and marshes.

Also, horses. Wild horses!

Now, you’re probably going to want to get out yo’ car and pet those things.


You will have been warned approximately 57 times not to approach the horses by this point. The visitor center runs a subliminal loop of “Keep a bus-length away from the horses.” Plus, they put stuff in the water, I think.

Fear not: there is plenty of funky stuff you can touch, some of came out of a horse.

2 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

Where is the Marguerite Henry????

I was disappointed on behalf of Mallory Pike (does that reference make any sense?).