May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

Where's a caste when you need one?

I should’ve known better than to disobey the What Not to Wear mandate banning graphic t-shirts. Foolishly, I decided that getting groceries while wearing a Brewers t-shirt would be fine. Unremarkable, even.

It was all going so well until I stepped up to the register.

“Are you a Brewers fan?” asked the cashier.

“I sure am.”

“Are you from Milwaukee?”

Already, we have thrice exceeded my preferred conversation level with the servant class. (Oh no I di’int!) (Oh yes I did!) I foolishly go with it.

“I sure am.” (Honestly, I was not trying to be a smartass. Repeating my answer seemed like the shortest course of action.)

“Are you a Packers fan, too?”

Now, normally, I make a joke here along the lines of, “You have to be a Packers fan if you’re from Wisconsin. It’s in the contract.” This time, however, I was so off my game that I went with a third “I sure am.”

At this point, the cashier would definitely have assumed I was mocking him if he hadn’t been…perhaps not all there.

I think he then asked how I felt about the Packers’ run to the Super Bowl and I mentioned how there are Cheeseheads everywhere and then mercifully I paid and got the frak out of there.

I fear that crap like this is preventing me from blogging about the really good stuff, like how I enjoyed Thor less than I expected, and yet Fast Five melted my face off and convinced me to pursue the rest of the series.

(Also, am I the only person who can’t discern between Bradley Cooper and Paul Walker? Are they not the same person?)

2 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

The entire Fast & the Furious series is a great romp of testosterone, gasoline & a sub-culture so far off from my own that it's just downright fun. Love Dom & thought Dwayne "the Rock" was a good addition to the franchise. I really enjoyed Thor too and look forward to you writing your thoughts on it.

If Paul Walker had co-starred in ALIAS I would have lasted 3 episodes.

I would have looked at stills, sure, because he's nice to look at. But he's in a completely category of man, to me.