June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011

Hey NASA, Your Mission is Showing

A few weeks ago, NASA’s Goddard facility held an open house. Considering that access to the place is usually restricted to employees, and that TheBoy is a big space fan, we decided to go.

Unfortunately, we had to wait quite some time for a shuttle to get on the property. NASA may have movement in zero gravity down to a science (literally), but ground transportation is obviously more difficult.

Once we arrived, we found that the Goddard campus looks a lot like your college did, if your college was built in the ‘60s and had pretty kickass classes.

A few buildings were open to visitors, with displays in the lobby and employees explaining things like “This is what freeze dried food looks like, kids. Also, don’t do drugs.”

One of the cooler things about the day was the chance to see mission control rooms. Which were just as full of computers and screens and red phones as I would have liked.

After viewing some heavy machinery, it was time to go.

My only suggestion to NASA: maybe we relax the food restrictions a little. A girl’s gotta eat.

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