June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011

Summer Viewin’ 2011

As is the case when the northern hemisphere tilts sunward, it’s hot outside. This makes me want to stay indoors as much as possible. Many of my favorite television shows are no longer showing original programming. This makes staying indoors less difficult.

It’s a Catch-22 I’ve been dealing with since I started school. It’s as if our society condones physical activity during the summer, and nature complies by providing additional sunlight. I call conspiracy.

Luckily for me, the internet was invented by people who wanted easier ways to see pictures of naked ladies and congressional body parts. Side benefit: television shows also make an occasional appearance.

What am I catching up on this summer? I’m so glad you asked.

The Borgias. While nowhere near the transcendent titillation of The Tudors (yeah, I said it), the hijinks of one medieval Pope are good enough for summer. Catholicism optional. Pros: costumes, backstabbing. Cons: forced teenage marriage.

Project Runway. Heidi Klum goes either way for people: while I find her teutonic malapropisms endearing, you may feel she makes better scenery than spokesperson. Don’t worry about the host; just look at the PURE JOY on the faces of the contestants as their fabric travesties walk the runway. Pros: Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn. Cons: disgraceful uses of pleating, chiffon; guest judges only tangentially related to the fashion world.

Next Food Network Star. People who can cook well enjoy watching other people who can cook well. I enjoy watching people who can sort of cook. Add to that the skill set required to be on the Food Network (odd name, physical attractiveness, speaking ability), and even a talented cook is going to be sweating into the plaintains. Pros: cutlery + nerves = chance of hospitalization every episode, Bobby Flay. Cons: that male judge seems to come on to each contestant regardless of gender.

2 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

Can I recommend Dexter to your mix? Pros: sharp wit, dialogue and storyline. Cons: he works with blood during work hours and off.

The gore turns me off. I tried Six Feet Under but only got through the pilot. Maybe it's Michael C. Hall?