July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

The Big Owe

You may be aware that Congress is currently playing chicken with the national debt ceiling. (You may not be aware, I suppose: I never can tell how many of these stories make it outside the beltway.) The gist is that Congress must raise the debt ceiling by August 2 or America goes out of business. (Note: Not intended to be a factual statement.)

Prima facie, this would seem to be a battle of conservatives (who will raise the ceiling only with corresponding spending cuts) and liberals (who would prefer government provides exactly what it has been providing). Yes, these are the same folks who almost shut down the government in April. They’re still kicking, and we’re heading into round 2!

However, in a development that would make the writer of any West Wing episode tingle, a new faction of thought has arisen in recent days: what if the President whipped out the 14th amendment and raised the debt ceiling his own dang self because He Is The Decider? Zomg, right? Imagine Martin Sheen pounding his fist on a very dramatically-lit table and you have some idea of how tingly this makes the wonks.

Now, I am not nearly qualified to speak on this, my repeated viewings of all seven West Wing seasons notwithstanding. Obviously the hundreds of commenters on the article cited above have more intelligent things to say than I ever would, to wit:

“Obama lied and the economy died.”

“Democrats founded the KKK instead.....”

“Cons hating America one truth at a time. Why do cons hate America so much?”

I don’t know where these people find the time to flame each other on USA Today messageboards, but not to gain a grasp of punctuation and English syntax. Anyhoo.

I wish I had a more insidery take on this, but when it comes to the inner sanctum of government, I am the girl who gave a ride to the guy holding the coats of the people who clean the inner sanctum.

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