July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011

Global Foods

I hope you had a lovely holiday, with most of your limbs intact. I ended the long weekend by watching the DC fireworks (yes, the ones narrated by President Santos) from my living room.

However, I spent a good deal of time on Saturday wandering around a (mostly) Korean grocery store called Global Foods. It was crazy.

Okay, this actually looks pretty typical for an ethnic grocery. I know.

Then the banana brittle (were they out of peanuts? for those with peanut allergies?) came out.

This would seem to answer my previous question, except I'm not sure what in the world a "pilinut" is. One would assume it's a type of nut, but they tell me peanuts aren't nuts, either.

I love love LOVE how excited Asian food mascots are. Whether they're advertising a restaurant or a packaged good, they have a very "EAT ME NOM NOM" vibe.

I guess people have done this a lot and caused a real problem for them. And by them, I mean Koreans. And by people, I mean other Koreans.

The freakish samosas selection knocked my socks off.

As did the Coke in a bottle.

Now you're just showing off, Global Foods.

To be fair, the b is silent.

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