July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011


My struggles with mathematics are many and varied, but even I sensed something amiss while taking a Frontier Airlines survey:

Do you see it? Perhaps not, depending on your income. See, my current salary puts me JUST below one of the typical thresholds on the income question. I am a day late and exactly $128 dollars short. (We'll pretend for the purposes of this blog that I earn $149,872.) So for this survey, my income level falls between two categories, because they are each separated by $1000.

However, I must follow the Price Is Right in this (as in all things), and select the closest possible category without going over.

What exactly does one do when the correct answer does not exist? What happened here? Was the person writing this survey unfamiliar with the concept of counting? Even *I* get that one.

Oh Frontier, you saucy minx.

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