July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011

What a Day of Rejoicing That Will Be

This past Sunday, I attended the Summer Fancy Food Show.

You may recall that in past years I have attended the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show.

You may assume that these two shows would be very similar.

You’re right, if you think that a swimming pool and the Atlantic Ocean are also very similar.

Folks, by the end of the day, I WAS PASSING UP FREE CHEESE SAMPLES. That’s how you know this event was huge. The quality and quantity of the free samples (all kinds of food and beverage, not just cheese) emphasized the “for the trade only” nature of this event. Not to knock my own trade, but its conferences aren’t nearly as good.

So, anyway, I got there a bit after the thing started an immediately began cramming samples down my gullet, obviously. I knew from advance planning that there would be approximately 63 aisles of vendors, with thousands of vendors total. From all over the world. Mostly selling food, though a few sold labeling machines or shelves or other foodservice ephemera.

This, in short, is what heaven will look like.

Took an early afternoon break to help judge the Sofi Awards, handed out to innovative food, drinks, packaging, etc. 33 categories. 33 samples. 33 choices.

Eating free food + being judgmental = utopia.

Then it was back to the floor, where I saw Rick Bayless in the flesh, tried avocado ice cream, and watched someone use liquid nitrogen for no other apparent purpose than the wow factor.

Cameras, children, and rolling bags were not allowed, so I was not able to document for you. However, the media has thoughtfully provided the following video:

I’m so glad the NYC convention center was under construction this year, forcing the show to relocate to DC. One man’s smoking hole of asbestos is another girl’s day of a thousand samples.

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