August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011

The Best Show You’re Not Watching, Volume 2: Whites

Following in the footsteps of Extras and The Office, Whites is a British look on the absurdities of the workplace. While Extras examined movie sets and The Office…an office, each episode of Whites lets us peer into the goings-on of a country hotel restaurant. Not sure exactly where in the UK this restaurant is supposed to be; it’s that part of England where they drive on the left and have funny accents.

Why should you watch this show? Well, first off, because I’m recommending it, and you know I have only your best entertainment interests at heart.

Second, because the entire six episode run is available on Hulu to be watched at your convenience legally and FOR FREE.

Third, because you only need to know six characters:

Roland, the head chef
Darren, the sous chef
Caroline, the maitre d’
Skoose, the new chef
Kiki, the ditzy waitress
Celia, the hotel owner

Fourth, the wickedly subtle humor.

Fifth, scenes like this (between Kiki and Caroline):

0 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke: