September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

Tommy Wilson Goes to Washington

Not too long ago, TheBoy and I found ourselves in Staunton*, Virginia. Now, except for the one-in-a-million of you going, “Oh sure, Staunton,” I realize most people are completely blanking on the fact that Staunton is the birthplace of our 28th President. Hence, it’s home to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library.

Since I was unable to see JFK’s library whilst in Boston last year, this was my first (and possibly last) Presidential library. Not a lot of commanders-in-chief from Wisconsin, so I didn’t grow up with many Presidential sites. I bet this is how the Puerto Ricans feel.

The library was by appointment only, and the house didn’t allow photography, so what I have for you are mostly…pictures of the museum. Because there’s something you NEVER see on this blog, I know.

Staunton. Tres charmant, n’est ce pas?

I think I could have navigated the three buildings myself, but I did appreciate the yellow highlighter road.

Gardens were also a big deal on the property. The building behind them is the house where Tommy was born. (Woodrow was his middle name. FACT.)

I couldn’t take any pictures in the house. It was…just like every other old house I’ve been in. The best part was the crotchety old guy in my group who leaned on some furniture (!), dropped his sunglasses at one point, and kept asking questions. It’s quite possible he and Wilson were contemporaries.

Anyhoo, the museum allowed pictures. My favorite objets:

Should you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods, check it out. Also, the Frontier Culture Museum (we had to pass and I'm dying to know how it was).

* The “u” is silent. I keep telling myself that, but pronouncing the “u” anyway.

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