October 18, 2011

October 18, 2011

London, Day 5: Windsor and War

(Day 4 can be found here.)

Day 5: Wednesday, October 6

We began bright and early so as to catch the train to Windsor. It’s about an hour the way we rode. On the plus side, we passed some lovely countryside.

The town of Windsor was a bit too quiet for my taste, though the local establishments looked promising.

Windsor Castle itself is HUGE. It’s good to be Queen. TheBoy and I joined a guided tour of the grounds, and then walked the State Apartments, several of which I had seen on the many documentaries I’ve watched about the castle. We also walked through St. George’s Chapel, where I got to see the graves of Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, and Charles Brandon (palm raise for The Tudors).

I also got a picture with a royal guard. He appeared to be about 12.

That afternoon, TheBoy and I went to the Imperial War Museum. He because he wanted to see it, me because my dad has been talking about going to this thing as long as I can remember.

It had lots of heavy equipment in it.

On the plus side, we didn’t get mugged, despite being on the South Bank!

We had considered going to the IMAX, but it turned out to be pricey and unimpressive. Some things are best left to the Americans. We went to Covent Garden instead, a great market of retail and restaurants. Watched a mime, browsed some trinkets, ate a great Italian dinner.

For dessert, though, we went to Harrod’s instead and finally got our £15 ice cream creations (Travelcard for scale).

We were pretty tired after that, so we went back to the hotel and enjoyed some British television. Turns out their game shows are ridiculously hard, and screamingly funny.

Tomorrow: Books, Elgin Marbles, and the Eye.

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