October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011

Pop the Cork

I’ve written before about the show Good Eats, and its unique blend of science, food, and humor. The show recently stopped production, but that doesn’t mean the world has seen the last of Alton Brown. He’s now finished the third and final book about the making of GE (Good Eats 3: The Later Years) and is on the matching book tour. Though I haven’t yet read the book, I knew I had to see him when he swung by DC.

Technically, he swung by McLean, Virginia, which is sort of DC’s richer, boozier uncle. The people of McLean are the 1%. I wasn’t sure that they’d let me in, despite making sure my shirt was yogurt-free. Thought about taking copies of my master’s degree and the literary analysis papers I wrote in college, but that turned out to be unnecessary.

As I settled into my seat, I was surprised to see a stage that was frankly bedecked with apparati:

I was expecting a stool and a glass of water. It appeared that I was in for some actual cooking, despite the fact that we were in a theater-like room definitely not designed for fumes. M…kay.

Alton started the show promptly on time, then noted a group of four empty chairs right in front. Markedly irritated, he proceeded to heckle the people when they came. That’s right: he heckled them. He sat on the freaking stage and interrogated them about their tardiness.

For those of you wondering if the arrogant “The Next Food Network Star” persona is just schtick, I assure you, he’s just as bitchy in real life.

Once everyone arrived and was suitably slandered, Alton began showing us some wine applications. It being a wine festival and all.** First, how to chill your wine quickly:

Yep, you need a power screwdriver and a bucket.

Also, how to make wine caviar (really a mixture of wine and gelatin).

Then, how to open a champagne bottle with a sword. That’s right: sabering!

(Sorry I lose the cork at the end. It was really dark.)

Finally, champagne sorbet. Chilled with liquid nitrogen, obviously.

I’m not the hugest fan of science, but even I can’t resist edible chemistry.

* He prefers that term to “recipes.”
** I don’t drink at all (I have this), so the irony of my attending alcohol-focused events is not lost on me. I make up for it at the food-based ones.

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