November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011

Northern Aggression, and Crisps

When the stresses of city life threaten to crush our spirits, TheBoy and I like to find a vacation rental near the Blue Ridge Mountains and far from any Occupy movement. Most recently, we stayed here:

Now, I realize that you probably live in a home like this. You have a garage, maybe a pool, definitely a grill. But for me, an apartment dweller making the most of 767 square feet, it is heaven.

There was a giant TV!

And two tables!


Basketball hoop!

The hits, they kept on coming.

So we obviously spent 80% of the weekend watching cable TV and eating hot dogs. But we spent the other 20% visiting the Route 11 potato chip factory, WHICH WAS NOT IN PRODUCTION THAT DAY AND LOOK HOW THRILLED I WAS ABOUT THAT.

But, also, the site of the Battle of new Market:

Which was the only Civil War Battle involving cadets (from the Virginia Military Instute), and only the second historical attraction I’ve visited (after the Duke Homestead) where I felt overwhelming southern sentiment.

The North won. Get over it.

Alas, we had to bid the mountains farewell all too soon.

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