November 9, 2011

November 9, 2011

Quick Biscuits

This past weekend, I attended the 2011 Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show. This was my fourth one, and I like to think I’ve got it down to a system by now. Though I forgot my camera (so much for the system, huh?), pictures from a prior visit are here. Basically, you need to arrive early to get a good look at and taste of the vendors. During the middle of the day, you attend workshops both to get away from the crowd and to rest your feet. Oh, and also to learn something. Then, at the end of the day, you shop and get more samples, since the vendors will inevitably have put out a new round of stuff.

TheBoy and I made it through round 1 of the vendor floor in about an hour. Among the things we tried: cheese, cake, nuts, hot sauce, mustard, hot tea, cold tea, chicken, and beef. The usual, really.

Time check: 11 a.m.

Our workshops were about Indian food, coffee, styling a buffet (TheBoy skipped out on that one), pairing tea and chocolate, and cookies.

We watched a local chef prepare scallops and listened to a story about how he recently set his hair on fire.

We were ready for the second and final round of the convention floor.

Time check: 5 p.m.

Now, I never go in expecting to buy, since I’m notoriously cheap and the food at this show is too classy for my blood. But I’d seen something that caught my eye, something that I’d been wishing for, something that I figured was logistically impossible but oh. if. only.

The booth said: “Fully-cooked microwaveable biscuits.”

See, the one redeeming value of the south (imo) is biscuits. As a Wisconsinite, the best I got were proffered either by a man in a white suit or a stuffed doughboy. But STILL. They were delicious—warm and buttery and flaky. Of the many delicious forms of carbohydrates, biscuits are absolutely in my top three.

But unless you have a live-in servant, making biscuits takes time. I’d be totally fine with popping a can of Pillsbury if it didn’t also involve 15 minutes of toaster oven time, during which I consume an entire can of Pringles in anticipation. And in the morning? Forget about it.

So God bless Cathy Dunn, proprietress of the Biscuit King Restaurants in Lexington, North Carolina. She has somehow figured out how to make biscuits that can be frozen and microwaved FOR FORTY SECONDS without losing any of their flavor. Oh, and they are only 169 calories each. Did I hug Cathy? No. Did I buy biscuits from her? Yes.

I bought four dozen biscuits, people. Honestly, I should have gotten more. I really hope they come back next year.

The website is here, though I don’t see anywhere to order. You’ll just have to drive to Lexington, I guess.

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