January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

Posh Nosh

My (free) subscription to Bon Appetit magazine is only occasionally helpful. I don’t use it for cooking inspiration, since I don’t really cook. I don’t use it for eating inspiration, since the recommended restaurants are usually in New York City. I don’t use it for entertaining inspiration, since I hate people. But every once in a while, the mag will suggest something that I actually can enjoy. This month, that thing is Posh Nosh.

As far as I can tell, Posh Nosh was a 2003 series of cooking webisode parodies. The co-hosts are spouses the Honorable Simon Marchmont and his wife Minty. They run a fancy restaurant called The Quill and Tassel. As you might guess from his title, Simon is heir to one of those fancy estates people in Britain seem to have. (Apparently, there’s an entire subtext about how Minty is just a social-climber. It has to do with her accent and phraseology and whatnot. Crazy Britons.) Other running gags: Simon’s thinly-veiled homosexuality, the couple’s obsessive love for their dog, and a penchant for using only the best ingredients. Like Greek olives. That must be purchased in Greece.

Oh, and a confusing use of overly-florid verbs to describe cooking techniques. You don’t skin the potatoes, you “embarrass” them. You don’t boil the water, you “interrogate” it. And so on.

There are eight webisodes, each about 10 minutes long. Not a huge commitment. Here’s one of my favorites:

As a fan of Britons, food, satire, and the 1%, I find a lot to love here. Won’t you join me?

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