February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Bring Me a Dream

Since neither the Green Bay Packers nor the Houston Oilers (not a typo) were in the Super Bowl this year, TheBoy and I had no rooting interest. We watched the game solely for the commercials, and the opportunity it afforded us to eat various forms of cheese. Look closely, and this plate alone has three:

One of the ads involved the song “Mr. Sandman.” I’ve no idea what it was selling, which attests not so much to the quality of the ad as to the poorness of my memory. It may have been the one with the cartoon characters. Idk. What I do k is that TheBoy and I both remarked how the concept of a Sandman scared us as kids. Contrary to the bouncy ebullience of the song, we assumed the Sandman would just as soon strangle us in our sleep, tan-colored Grim Reaper that he was. I mean, didn’t Batman have a nemesis made of sand? I was pretty sure it was the same guy!

What about you? Was the Sandman mentioned during your childhood? How did that make you feel? Is this starting to sound like a therapy session? What other childhood characters prevented your peaceful slumber?

(I’ll go: the Cheshire Cat. I spent most of 1990-1991 certain that a grin was hovering just in front of my bedroom door.)

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