February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012


I’ve gotten into Twitter parties lately, and I’m sure it’s not a good thing. Even though I’ve won a few things (gift card, vitamins), I’ve spent more time than I should following hashtags and frantically answering trivia about mommy blogger topics.

Oh, yes, there is a whole universe of moms out there.

Now, I’ve nothing against moms. Moms are great. I have a mom, you have a mom, everybody has a mom. Moms have to worry about things like diaper innovations and parent-teacher conferences and how many times you can double a recipe before you run out of freezer space. Some of my closest school friends are now moms once or twice (or thrice or—seriously—four times) over. And the moms these days are savvy. They tweet and blog and extreme coupon all day long.

My interaction has been limited with them until now. Mercifully. We have so little in common, what with their days absorbed in wiping up poop and my days absorbed in swimming through my vat of golden coins. But at these Twitter parties, moms are all over the place.

Then you’ve got the whole concept of a Twitter party. Sort of a chat room for the 21st Century. I use TweetGrid to track the thing, with a column for the host’s tweets, a column for the party hashtag, and a column for me (medevam). I’m in it to win it, baby. (Whereas the moms are in it to win it for their actual babies, ba DUM bum.)

In case you’re thinking of throwing a Twitter party, here are some tips:

-Have good prizes. They don’t have to have a theme, though it’s preferable. Gift cards to widespread retailers (Target, Amazon, etc.) are always acceptable.

-Ask smart questions. If your party is about your company’s kitchen gizmo, ask questions that make people think about how they’d use the gizmo. Put that marketing degree to good use.

-Be organized. Pre-determine how many questions you’re going to ask and what they’ll be. Make sure you point out to the party when you’re asking an official prize-related question and when you’re just chatting with the group. Also: DON’T SCREW UP THE QUESTION NUMBERS. Put that I-can-count-to-ten ability to good use.

There are way too many of these parties for anyone (mom or not) to attend them all, but someone compiled a handy calendar of them here. Come join me sometime, won’t you?

It’s interpersonal reaction without the interpersonal part, which is ideal when most of the partygoers have been wiping up poop all day.

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