February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012

See the Future

Google, your friend and mine, recently announced that they’ll soon offer augmented reality glasses. This is the sort of futuristic innovation that I’ve been waiting for. While my parents’ generation expected robot maids and flying cars, I expect an improvement in the very fabric of the cosmos. Call me greedy, call me ambitious, just don’t call me late to the 5D movie.

I’m not sure how exactly the spectacles will augment reality. I myself personally am hoping for any of the following:
-GPS, like a Google Maps overlay for your field of vision
-A holographic screen, like a touchscreen that could be pulled up 12” from your face and used to search Google, Yelp, etc.
-Integrated phone capabilities, so I could tell my robot assistant: “Forward all my calls TO MY GLASSES!”

Modest, utilitarian demands. I’m not asking for Predator-like capabilities, so I could see infrared in order to hunt and kill my enemies. Or x-ray vision. Or even the ability to listen through doors and walls. I just want to avoid getting lost or going hungry when the Chipotle is closed.

Logistically, I’m among the lucky, as I’m already used to affixing a contraption of wire and glass to my face every day. Haven’t forgotten to do so since that one time in late 1995. The rest of the world might have to adjust, at least until they come up with the contact lens version (c. 2017) and then the surgical procedure (c. 2019, earlier if you’re willing to go to the moon base).

What would you want your glasses to do?

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