February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

Sleep Write

On nights that I have trouble falling asleep, my mind seems to be inundated with blog ideas. Scraps of brilliance (or something like) come to me. You probably think I should keep a notebook near for occasions such as this. Yet I’ve never understood the logistics of keeping pen and paper near one’s bed. I tend to sleep in the dark. It’s hard to write when you can’t see, and I can’t see much in the dark. (I’m nearsighted, so I can’t see much in the light either.) The way I see (ha) it, to write down an idea that comes to me as I’m falling asleep, I’d have to turn a light on, grab the notebook, and write the idea down while squinting. None of those activities is conducive to sleep.

Lately, regardless of when I finally go unconscious, I have been having the most wicked* dreams. Dreams where I am on trips, where I am at restaurants, and where I am strangely untroubled by other people despite their proximity to me. I wake up from these dreams incredibly well-rested and ready for the day.

I can only conclude that I am somehow tapping into an alternate universe, and that alt-me is on a really kickass vacation. SHE doesn't get told to write her nighttime thoughts in a notebook, I bet. Then again, it's never nighttime in my dreams. Freud scholars, what make ye of this? Do I even want to know? Why are all my dreams set during the day and almost all of them outside? I HATE THE OUTSIDE!

Does this mean alt-me is some hippie treehugger? Typical.

* Used in the Boston sense, as in "wicked awesome," as in "The Celtics! Wicked awesome!"

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