March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012

My Morning Playlist

A recent article suggests making a “get ready playlist” to help you leave for work on time. You figure out how long you have to get ready, create a playlist for that length of time, and chart your morning progress according to which song is on. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the idea, to be honest. It seems like something that would lead to a sort of Pavlovian response, wherein you’d be walking down the street, pass someone singing “Moves Like Jagger,” and start stripping for a shower. I used to have a specific playlist to prepare for dates, and “Around the Bend” still causes me to search for eyeshadow. Your mileage may vary.

Though I’m all for great organization, with great organization comes great responsibility. And with great responsibility comes smartasses who try to undermine the system. They’ll be the ones breaking out into Top 40 hits in crowds, seeing who drops trou.

Believe me, I understand the importance of leaving on time. I have exactly 42 minutes myself. And if I’m not out of the shower by 6:18, or dressed by 6:30, or putting on my coat by 6:42, I’m in big trouble. I hope your commute allows you to be flexible in this regard; mine does not. I miss the 6:54 bus, and I’m going to be an hour late. We call that “Metro Time.” It’s sort of a weird alternate time zone where the train is always leaving just as you get to the platform.

At any rate, I’m not saying that grown-ups should have enough discipline to wake up in the morning. I’m blogging it.

1 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

I have a hard time leaving on time, too, but having a playlist would just make me hate those particular songs forever. Besides, silence is golden until I've been sufficiently caffeinated!