March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

We're All Mad Here

Spring is here. When did that happen? I guess DC’s lack of snow means my subconscious is still expecting winter any day now. Score one for global warming.

Alas, ‘tis March already, and I assume that means March Madness at some point soon. There’s usually a selection show where they populate the brackets, right? Did that happen already? Do I need to do actual research on this?

As I’ve mentioned before, my approach to March Madness is an entirely non-scientific one. And while I haven’t run and hard numbers on this*, I bet I tend to do okay over time compared to someone who studies and runs stats and plays multiple brackets. If you love the number crunching, go for it. I will continue to pick based on interesting school names and funny mascots.

Nor have I ever played in a pool for money. I’m sure that doing so would make me consider my choices a little more carefully. Maybe pick fewer teams whose mascot is a color.

I wonder if other countries do anything similar, or if this is all us. Do the Japanese rank their sumo wrestlers? The British their cricketeers? The Floridians their shuffleboard teams?

March Madness. Catch it!

* I have run zero numbers on this. Tra la LAAA.

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