April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012

A Daily Triple

So here's a thing I did on Saturday:

Yep. Jeopardy! was in town, taping the end of its Teen Tournament and also its Power Players Week. Power Players, as Alex explained before the start of one game, are those who get us to change how we think or feel about the news. Mmkay. I just wanted to see Anderson Cooper.

Though we weren’t told in advance how long the tapings would last, we knew the doors open and doors close times as shown above on the tickets. We drew our own conclusions, but through Metro f---ery didn’t arrive on-scene until shortly after 9 am.

The line was approximately 300 people long at this point. It wrapped around three sides of the building. I have harnessed my almighty Paint skills to graphically depict, behold:

And here's an actual picture of part of it:

Fifteen minutes elapsed before the line even started moving. Meanwhile, I, TheBoy, and our friend Julia were making small talk under a scorching sun while secretly wondering who to eat first. (Maybe that was just me. Idk.)

Once we got inside, past security, and into our seats, we realized that we had what’s kindly termed an “obstructed view.” In this case, we could only see the game board. We could not see the players. Luckily, Jeopardy! had set up large monitors on either side of the stage to help everybody out.

Turns out the morning and afternoon tapings were two games each, so we got to see two sets of contestants do a practice round, a media junket, and the real game. On the down side, it was a really long time before I got to eat lunch. On the up side, KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR.

The afternoon session wasn’t nearly as hard to get into, so TheBoy and I were able to position ourselves in the center section of seats. Though we had to contend with stage lighting that NEARLY BURNED MY RETINAS OUT A LA PHOEBE SEEING MONICA AND CHANDLER KISSING THAT ONE TIME, we were able to see the contestants, Alex, and the game board all at once. The highlight of the afternoon session was Anderson Cooper.

When he first walked on stage before the rehearsal round, a squeal echoed throughout the hall, followed by a PA announcement:

“Attention ladies and gentlemen: please, no photography from the audience. Photography is prohibited.”

I grew steadily more anxious during the afternoon taping, as I had two sets of friends coming for the evening show. I snuck text messages throughout (sorry, Anderson) keeping them informed on the taping progress, seeing where they were, etc. I’d be a really sucky event planner because I’d die of a heart attack shortly before the big day.

Thankfully, everyone ended up with a ticket and a good seat. They all seemed to have enjoyed themselves, even. Good people.

As for who won? I can’t say. I *will* say that my new favorite person is Clarence Page, because he is freaking adorable.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Not bad at all.

(PS The new Blogger template sucks. It took me way too long to position these pictures, since I have too much knowledge for the shiny GUI interface but not enough for the hardcore HTML one. It's the valley of despair.)

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