May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

Career Day

Take Your Daughter Child to Work Day was last Thursday. You may have noticed the presence of extra-small people. Or not. Surprisingly, more than a few showed up at CDTSNBN. Though my contact with them was minimal, there was a certain je ne sais quoi in the air that day.

Growing up, not once did I go to either of my parents’ workplaces for one of these. Was it not a thing in the ‘90s? Was it not a think in my parents’ government workplaces? Did they think it was better for me to just go to school that day? I can’t say. Though my parents both work for the same organizations now as they did then, and neither of them mentioned Take Your Child to Work Day last week. I can only assume that my parents’ employers are either too cool or not cool enough to participate.

Did you ever accompany a parent on-the-job? I can see certain situations in which this would be a pretty cool experience. Race car driver. Journalist. Television producer. Batman. Just spending a day riding shotgun with any of those professions would be something to remember. (Possibly dangerous, as well. Bampf, pow, and all that.) My parents spend their time helping bureaucracy grind slow and fine, so it would be less crime-fighting and more clerical. (In other words, my perfect day.)

CDTSNBN had a pretty structured set-up for the kiddos: scheduled activities, and office visits, and even a meet-and-greet with our top official. I’ll be honest: I’m jealous. (And probably subconsciously jealous becase I never got to do any of this stuff when I myself was a kid.) Because of the nature of the day, it was recommended that only children ages 9-15 participate. I’m told by TheBoy that children at his workplace (a component of a different CDTSNBN) ranged quite a bit younger. And noisier. And probably stickier.

I hope the kids left with a favorable impression. Perhaps even an inspiration to someday come work for us. Then again, we’ve come a bit full-circle, haven’t we? It wasn’t so long ago that children went to work all the time. As employees. Sewing shirtwaists and building the Titanic and what have you. Poor kids. (No pun intended.)

I wonder if future robot overlords will keep this going. Build a little extra capacity into the Matrix one day a year. Hmm.

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