May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

It's Vegas, Baby

I find myself about to embark on a trip that will encompass not one, but FOUR New York City boroughs. Three more than I’ve visited on prior trips. They say there are two types of New Yorkers: those who won’t leave Manhattan, and those who will. Though not a New Yorker, I am definitely akin to the prior kind. (To be fair, Brooklyn DOES have an Ikea. But still.) I think it was Samuel Johnson who said, “When a man tires of Manhattan, he tires of life, for in Manhattan is all that life can afford.”*

But TheBoy is celebrating a big birthday, and wants to visit places outside Manhattan, so QED.

I, of course, have already begun planning my 30th birthday extravaganza, coming October 2013. (Don’t worry, TB isn’t going to read this. He gets the real-life me, which is 20% snarking a la this blog, 70% complaining about being hungry, and 10% sleeping.) I have decided on Las Vegas, because any city whose “Buffets” category in the Frommer’s guide is THAT long is worth doing and worth doing well.

So far, I have two things I really want to do (besides all the eating): indoor skydiving and a magic show. Preferably not together, but I really don’t know how things work there. Indoor skydiving because it’s all the thrill with little of the risk. A magic show because I’ve been a fan of magic since those David Copperfield specials in the ‘80s. I used to get the little magic books from the library and try to do card tricks. Like a little Barney Stinson, really.

Anyway, I figure that I won’t have much free time between the constant buffet-ing and avoiding the heat, but I’d love to hear everyone’s suggestions on other things to do. A day trip to the Grand Canyon: doable? How close to the Strip do I need to be? Which circle of Dante’s inferno most closely matches Las Vegas’ weather in October?

And in case it needs to be said: NO ADULT ACTIVITIES, PLEASE. I may be turning 30 on the outside, but I have the soul of a peevish old lady.

* Bonus points if you know to which city he was actually referring.

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