May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

Things I’ve Read: Dear Coca-Cola

I’ve mentioned before that Amazon’s free Kindle books feature has turned out several pleasant surprises. My latest is “Dear Coca-Cola,” a series of letters written by British pensioner Terry Ravenscroft to various food and beverage brands. Look carefully and you’ll find at least three of my favorite things right in that sentence. The first set of correspondence is to Coca-Cola, hence the title. Terry includes the replies to his letters, so you get a nice back-and-forth between him and the terribly-polite customer service representatives. Only in the UK, people. Only in the UK.

Though a few of the letters are complaints, many of them offer compliments or suggestions. A new flavor, a request for a recipe, etc. Whatever Terry’s request, he receives a thoughtful reply and (almost always) a voucher (coupon) from the brand. What really makes the book, though, and Terry’s replies to the replies. If he got a form letter from Sainsbury’s or Mars, he calls them on it and (depending on the brusqueness of the form letter) returns the vouchers. All very politely, though.

As a huge fan of the British, food, and British food, I found this book nothing short of wonderful. Did I mention that it can be procured for free? And that if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on your computer? For free? Do it. Do it now.

Then come back here and let’s talk about Cock-of-Puddings.

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