May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Wrath of the Titanic

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Titanic. Not just the movie, but the whole event and its ephemera. You got a work, fiction or non-, about the ship? I’ll read/watch/listen to it. Britons? Wealthy? 1912? Class warfare? Love it.

We’ve been getting lots of Titanic-related news lately, what with the 100-year anniversary and all. I think I read about a Houston restaurant that served a replica meal for some insane amount of money. I also think they did some sort of re-enacted voyage, though one hopes they didn’t also re-enact the sinking and tragic deaths.

But now I learn that an Australian billionaire plans to build and sail Titanic II in 2016. The vessel will be Chinese construction, so look for the little “Made in China” stickers under your pillow. No word on the food or entertainment plans, though I myself am hoping it tends more to shrimp than vegemite. I figure you’re going to get mostly American on this thing, after all; we’ve been re-enacting our two domestic land wars for hundreds of years, even though that involves wool stockings in 90-degree weather.

Speaking of historical re-enactment, why is it only the great events that get treated thus? What about those of smaller scale but equal importance? I’m talking about the guy who invented elastic. The discovery of the microwave. The first person to put the lime in the coconut. Where would society be without these discoveries, and why do we not honor them? Instead, we have people in blue shooting at people in grey every April for the next gajillion years.

But anyway. I’m hoping they let media on Titanic II, perhaps to live-tweet. Hashtag ideas: #NeverLettingGo, #Titanic2ElectricBoogaloo, and/or #AstorsRevenge.

Or if one of my lovely readers would live to give me an amazing 33rd-birthday present, well…

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