June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012

New York, New York

TheBoy celebrated a big birthday recently (I am not allowed to say the number) (it rhymes with "dirty"), so we celebrated with a long weekend in New York. Because he planned it, the trip was full of items like “Harbor Defense Museum” and “Brooklyn.” Who knew that MTA even left Manhattan? And though Brooklyn appeared to have “people” and “houses” and “civilization,” I most enjoyed the views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

I can see why Lily Van Der Woodsen-Bass-Humphries sticks to the Upper East Side.

One venture off-island, though, turned out to be surprisingly pleasant: Governor’s Island. The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt (currently closed for long-term renovation) is holding an exhibit there. IN case you didn’t know (and you didn’t, because I didn’t, and we’ve established that I’m the Smithsonian’s stalker), the Cooper-Hewitt is all about design. Graphic design, industrial design, etc. The exhibit on Governor’s Island focuses on graphic design, so you see a lot of great posters, fonts, logos, Google doodles, movie credit sequences, etc. Fab.

No pictures, though, because the docent was pretty strict about that.

What else did I love? Times Square, as always. This year, I was able to MEET HELLO KITTY, ZOMG.

I will literally never be that excited again.

Great sushi.

Central Park, which is second only to Boston Common on my list of “Tolerable Places That Are Outside.”

Hot dogs at Nathan’s.

Touring Rockefeller Center (not the NBC Studios, or the Top of the Rock).

And walking 8th Avenue from 16th to 52nd on one night, and from 96th to 52nd on the next. I love nothing more than walking in the city, and only in New York are my fellow pedestrians street smart enough to do it right.

Plus, it turns out that I could get a one bedroom apartment in Midtown for just $3600 a month! New York: one of the few cities that makes me less depressed about DC-area rental rates.

I miss it already.

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