June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

A Young Whippersnapper’s Plea

When were your grandparents born?

I ask because I’ve been hearing quite a bit about the Greatest Generation lately (what with D-Day and all), and how they’re the parents or grandparents of today’s federal workers (what with this being DC and all). In my case, this is true, because my grandparents were born in 1914 and 1915. But also, they had my dad when they were in their 40s. So the generation gaps in my family have always been a little off, and I have no idea how old other people’s grandparents are (mine are both deceased).

The point I’m slowly getting at is that not too many people my age had grandparents who fought in World War II, right? Weren’t the grandparents of most Millennials/Gen Y-ers born in the 1930s?

But, of course, today’s federal workers and the Millennial generation have little overlap. Little. Very little. In my industry, and probably in yours, the Baby Boomers just ain’t retiring. And it’s hard not to be a little bitter about that. I mean, the Greatest Generation did their bit and got out of the way when the time came; why can’t the Baby Boomers do the same? It’s like that scene in Men in Black, when Will Smith points to Tommy Lee Jones and says “Old and busted” and then to himself and says “New hotness.”

Not that I don’t like Baby Boomers, with their penchant for shows starring Mark Harmon and their disinterest in Tumblr. I share these exact same qualities! The difference is that I won’t be legally eligible for Social Security for over 30 years. And also, there will no longer be Social Security at that time. Plus side: we should have hovercars and robot butlers.

Did your parent or grandparent serve in WW2 (on either side; I’m not picky)?

2 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

all of my grandparents were born in the 1930s ('31, '32, '33, and '36), so the Korean War was their thing. My wife's parents were all born right around 1920, so both her grandfathers were in WWII (one as a navigator on a bomber, one as a chemist).

not parents, GRANDparents. Surely you knew what I meant.