July 6, 2012

July 6, 2012

Hot Town

Despite my curious fascination with weather phenomena, the word “derecho” was not one with which I was familiar. Spanish in origin, the word may be a contrast to “tornado,” which indicates spin. Whereas derecho is just straight-on ball-busting wind and rain. As I saw on Friday night, when all hell broke loose in the DC area.

Bottom line up front: I never lost power, water, or internet. I sustained no damage to myself or my property. I have absolutely no reason to complain, for once in my ungrateful life.

I avidly followed Twitter and the local media feeds to watch the chaos unfold. Since I was at TheBoy’s apartment, and he’s a bit of a Doomsday Prepper, I was surrounded by emergency radios, ultrabright flashlights, and more Doppler radars than you can shake a water purification tablet at. We watched the derecho blow in (literally), and I saw trees bend in ways I thought confined to Florida and the movie “Twister.” It was insane, I tell you! Insane!

While we have plenty of tornadoes in Wisconsin, you are very rarely able to watch them come in. Instead, you are ducking and covering in the basement of your school, or possibly under your parents’ ping pong table. (I have done both.) A good chunk of my summer vacations were spent cowering in fear of a green sky. It’s just how we roll in the Midwest, though we rarely end up transplanted to Oz.

So Saturday morning dawned bright and hot, and I started on my First World Errands. I had to buy a new laptop, get my free monthly piece of Godiva chocolate, and use a couple of Victoria’s Secret coupons. Never mind the people who were sitting in pools of their own sweat, ha ha! I had a COUPON to use!

All this to say that as misanthropic as I am, there are times when I am the very model of the person I despise. Some people still have no power. With temperatures that have been in the 90s every.single.day.this.week.

To those reading this blog on a cell phone charged surreptitiously at the local library, I salute you. You’re better people than I am.

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