July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Sorry I Missed It: Hollywood Treasure

“Hollywood Treasure” is a SciFi Syfy program along the lines of “Auction Hunters” or “American Pickers.” In the case of HT, Joe Maddalena’s California-based Profiles in Courage sells Hollywood memorabilia for astounding prices. And unlike many shows in the genre, “Hollywood Treasures” features genuinely cool stuff. We’re talking Forrest Gump’s bench, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, and Beetlejuice’s coffin. Not just old Coke machines and stuff.

An episode we were watching the other day featured Wolverine’s claws from the film X2. Some guy in Oklahoma City had gotten them in a charity auction or something, and now needed money for a new roof. Though the seller wanted to just go for the quick cash, Joe Maddalena convinced him to consign the claws for auction, where they were likely to fetch a much higher price than Joe would be able to offer in an outright sale.

The claws were very nicely packaged in a wooden crate with custom molded foam cushioning. After the consignment was agreed to, I assume Joe got the claws back to California as checked luggage or heavily-insured UPS. (I’m assuming that if I can’t take tweezers on a plane, footlong mutant claws are also a no-go.)

TheBoy and I discussed the logistics of moving the claws, and I’m not sure who won:

Me: I wonder how heavy those claws are.
TB: Pretty heavy, probably.
Me: I wonder how heavy adamantium really is.
TB, a fiendish chemistry devotee, gives me A Look.
Me: What?
TB: You know that’s not a real element.
Me: Um, the next thing I know, you’re going to tell me that unobtainium isn’t a real element. I bet they are both really heavy.

James Cameron wouldn’t lie about science, right?

“Hollywood Treasure” is a good summer show, in that it is airing new episodes now and is availably legally for free on Hulu here. You won’t be able to afford any of the items, but you will be able to judge the people who can.

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