August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012


BrickFair is a huge annual gathering organized and attended by AFOLs—adult fans of Lego. Whereas my personal Lego experience was limited to a blue bucket of small bricks and that one big flat green piece, these people spent hundreds of dollars turning thousands of bricks into giant dealios.

Though not interested myself in purchasing or creating these huge kits, I didn’t mind having a look. We drove to the Dulles Expo Center and got in the giant line that had snaked the entire way around the building.

Once inside, we saw that the displays had been grouped by category: military, castles, trains, and so on. Very helpful for the visitors, and probably for the exhibitors as well. On the down side, the 60,000-piece obsidian castle made the other castles look a bit pathetic in comparison.

That was only half of it, btw.

Particularly intriguing to me were the functional contraptions. The appliances and other gizmos that just happen to be made of Legos.

It’s a practical piece of art. I like it.

Saw more than a few socially-awkward young people at BrickFair. Kinda reminded me of what I’ve read about Mensa gatherings: attendees wear stickers declaring how comfortable they are with physical contact. Seriously. There are “I don’t like to be touched” stickers. Judging by the appearance and posture of most of the exhibitors I saw, those stickers (and a few “I have never kissed a girl” ones) would have come in handy. I’m not judging; I’m just saying that Legos seem to be overwhelmingly dominated by the introverted males of our species.

SciFi and fantasy were popular genres (see paragraph above); I saw plenty of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and even Firefly Legos. Serenity ftw!

But my favorites were probably the massive, massive cities made of Legos. They had bridges and monorails that worked and everything. No idea how they were transported across the country to Chantilly, VA, but that’s not my problem.

That monorail worked. It did laps and everything.

Did you play with Legos as a kid? Do you still? Are they even a thing with kids these days, or is it all about some sort of Lego app?

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