August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012

My Second-Favorite Scramble, after Eggs

What are kids up to these days? Cheating at Scrabble, apparently. I guess when you don’t have the handy tools of Words with Friends at your disposal, you do what you gotta do. Plus I bet the winner of the Scrabble tournament gets chicks GALORE.

Scramble with Friends is my obsession of choice; I think the immediacy of the game precludes a lot of the cheating. I also find that visualizing moves is a great way to fall asleep. Who knew that E-P-S-T could combine to form so many words?

I only play with random opponents, since I already know I have larger vocabularies than almost everyone I know. (Harsh, but true. They spent their childhoods being popular and playing outside. I spent it reading algebra textbooks and watching PBS.) The newest version of SWF introduced a “Smart Match” feature, wherein your random opponents are someone at your skill level. I’ve found these matches to be 80% people I can beat, 15% people I can’t beat, and 5% complete idiots who somehow fooled the algorithm. Needless to say, that 15% is the reason I keep living. (And the 5% play so poorly that I pretend they’re non-native English speakers, dexterous dogs, or both.)

I do wish that Zynga kept stats, though. That’s one area in which Draw Something excels. You can find out your average time to guess, how many rounds you’ve played, and more. Whereas with SWF, I have no idea how many words I typically find, what my average score is, my highest-ever scoring word, etc. Or, more importantly, how I compare to the Zynga player population as a whole. Tell me my percentile, dammit!

Maybe in the next version.

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