August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012

Number One, Mr. Speaker

So I recently learned that Prime Minister’s Question Time is archived on C-SPAN. I watched the most recent session (July 11, before the Summer break), and live-blogged for your pleasure. My thoughts:

Starts with listing his engagements. This should be good.

Wait, he basically said, “I met with some people this morning, and then this afternoon I’m going to meet with some other people.” Bullshit, man.

This is going to be fantastic. British people AND rules? I’m so ready.

Do they not have to be quiet when other people are talking?

I thought the Speaker would be wearing a wig.

So if you’re addressing someone in your party, you call them “My honourable friend”?

Someone just complained about the 47-minute train commute from somewhere to Hampshead airport and asked the PM to commit to an improvement. I wish Americans had a similar recourse.

The Member for Heywood & Middleton just put down the Canadians. Burn!

Ed Milliband is younger and more attractive than I expected a party leader to be.

So instead of raising your hand, you stand to indicate you have a question?

Seriously, why do we not have this?

The front row of Conservatives appear to have lost the will to live.

I like how when someone says something people agree with they just appear to say a really long “YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

The quality of this C-SPAN video is incredibly iffy. The British Empire deserves better!

I don’t understand the giant books that everyone keeps putting on then removing from the podiums, but I want one.

At the next session, Cameron should really respond to every challenge with “EFF YOU, I PUT ON THE OLYMPICS.”

Looking for any minorities in the crowd…still looking…

Pensioners’ weekly incomes were raised five pounds thirty!

People are asking about bus fares and hospital closings and stuff. To the head of government. AMAZING.

Take a drink every time someone says “The party opposite”!

Whoa whoa whoa. They’re letting a woman talk? Miss, is your father around? Or a policeman? (30 Rock reference ftw.)


I then watched an old session from the Tony Blair era, and my notes from that would be a lot of squeezing and the occasional hiccup of joy. I’ll spare you.

I'm slowly working my way backwards through the decade-plus archive. Phenomenal.

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