August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012

The Imagination Station

A remix of one of those dudes who used to have a painting show on PBS has been making the rounds lately. This reminded me of one of my favorite PBS art shows: The Imagination Station with Mark Kistler.

(In verifying the name of the show, I just looked at his website. He got old!)

From the catchy theme song to the giant easel to the many many many drawings of aliens, this was a program that I could appreciate as a kid waiting for school to start back up again. Once or twice, I even tried to draw along, despite having zero skills in that area. (My Draw Something attempts are truly alarming.)

What I remember most, though, is Mark’s full-on enthusiasm for art. I never really got that feeling from Mr. Rogers or Norm Abrams. They didn’t rave about hand puppets or jig saws. (Though how cool would it be to have a home improvement show targeted to kids, but involving actual power tools?!)

My summer vacations tended to consist of watching PBS while counting down the days. My diary entries from one year all conclude with however many days were left until classes began. From 92 all the way to “TOMORROW!” So good shows, like “The Imagination Station” and “Zoom” and “Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?” were the only thing keeping me from counting by the hour.

How I wish I had 92 days of nothing stretching before me now.

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