November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012


Now that the election is over, we in Washington can take down our lawn signs, breathe a sigh of relief, and eagerly anticipate the holidays.

Just kidding! We don’t put up lawn signs because of the Hatch Act we don’t have lawns.

No, but seriously, I was all set to coast to the holidays—complaining a little less about my fellow man than usual and finding funny metaphors for the phrase “fiscal cliff”—until a few Fridays ago and the first in a series of bombshells relating to who’s boinking who in the corridors of power. It turns out there is a lot. Of boinking. In the corridors. Of power.

I’d like to point out that here’s a classic West Wing-esque storyline playing out in reality. Friday before a long weekend, lots of people out of town, huge news story dropped, followed by subsequent smaller-but-still-significant similar stories, like the ripples in an adulterous pond. Except the players aren’t nearly as attractive or well-spoken as they’d be in a world created by Aaron Sorkin. But still. I half-hoped to see Josh Lyman show up on Meet the Press.*

So now that the men in charge of the CIA, Lockheed Martin, and (yougottabekiddingme) ELMO have been accused of or implicated in unusual shenanigans, it appears very little can be trusted when it comes to the government, private industry, and educational puppet-based programs.

Innocence. Shattered.

Yet more evidence that a woman’s place is in the home absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s going to make for more than a few awkward Thanksgiving meals next week. I myself may only end up eating three servings of mashed potatoes rather than four, in solidarity. (Still going to have at least five pieces of pie; my empathy only goes so far. I *am* a Republican, after all.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how to get the Virginia DMV to register a car that’s physically located in Turkey. I don’t think they did a West Wing episode about this.

* RIP Tim Russert!

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