November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

E is Not for Effort

What kind of grades did you get? I’m not interested in your GPA, or really you yourself in particular. (Other than admiring your taste in blogs, obviously.) I mean, what KIND of grades: were you on an A-B-C system, an E-P-F system, or something else entirely?

Lemme back up, because many of you are probably completely confused.

Some schools in the DC area are planning to shift from a traditional A-B-C grade scale to an ES-P-I dealio. (Those stand for “Exceptional,” “Demonstrating Proficiency,” and “In Progress,” by the way.) This new system was touted as a “paradigm shift” in the Washington Post, and I suppose it is.

Except I remember getting grades like those during my Milwaukee Public School days (circa 1988-1995). I know something with an E was at the top, and I think that was followed by a P for us, too. I never paid attention to anything below that, because c’mon. I was annoyingly precocious even then.

In 1995, I up and moved to Fancy Parochial School with a traditional grading structure. At least the teachers all used the same scale (93 and above was an A, 92 and below was Not a Grade I Received); once I got to college, all bets were off. Some professors started an a at 94; others started it at 90. No rhyme nor reason, you guys. I blame my 3.991 final GPA on confusion surrounding these grade scale inconsistenicies. (Not really. I blame it on the astounding number of Canada-related questions on the Baptist History final exam I didn’t study for. I’m pretty sure we didn’t cover Canadians ever in that class, Dr. Oats.)

But my educational history is definitely a hodgepodge, spanning schools of different types and in different locations. For those of you who stuck to one system and/or place—how were you graded? Did you even care, or am I the only one that obsessed with academic achievement?

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