January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013

In My Opinion: Pitch Perfect

The first movie I’ve seen since the holiday rush, Pitch Perfect, turned out to perfectly encapsulate a microcosm of my past. I cannot relate to moves about greatness in sport, achievement in science, or success in romance. These were things not encouraged at the parochial schools I attended. What did we do? Music. And while my ability to sing three parts and play two instruments is rarely trotted out these days, I live in remembrance of choirs and bands of yore.

--- Begin boring plot explanation ---

Pitch Perfect stars Anna Kendrick (she of Up in the Air and—surprising to me, at least—Broadway) as Beca. Though Beca’s just started college, her real passion is to become a DJ.

(Normally I would scoff here, but I just read an interesting article about the mathematics involved in DJing and I must grudgingly admit that there’s something to it.)

Alas for Beca, the only group for DJs at Barden University involves Deaf Jews. Rather, she has to join the Bellas, an a cappella group headed predictably by one Type A girl and one slightly-less Type A girl. Their names are not important.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Beca gets a job at the school radio station (I guess that’s a thing) where she hopes hopes HOPES to someday play her own jams. Until then, she banters with the obvious love interest a guy she met at orientation who also happens to be a member of a rival campus a cappella group.

As with Glee, the teams go to regionals, and then nationals, hijinks ensue, etc.

--- End boring plot explanation ---


Exhibit A: Fat Amy. Played by Rebel Wilson, Fat Amy’s a member of the Bellas. But also, every word out of her mouth is solid gold. If you liked her in Bridesmaids, you’ll love her in this.

Exhibit B: The songs! The songs, you guys! I am a sucker for a cappella done well. It makes me all tingly inside. Remember, I’m the one who watches The Sing-Off solely for the performances. Take a group of young people, add matching outfits and choreography, and I am there. A nice bonus in this film particularly: there’s an all-male group, an all-female group, and several mixed-gender groups. It’s equal opportunity a cappella.

Exhibit C: Fat Amy. She deserves to be mentioned twice.

Exhibit D: Alum lang syne. It’s a movie set at a college. You know you’re going to get a little misty-eyed remembering your own school days. S’okay.

Exhibit E:

1 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

I just watched this on Sunday (in secret, in my bedroom, on my laptop, under the covers) and I absolutely loved it, too! I kept rewinding the songs to watch them over and over again. Because apparently I'm 12.