January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

John Hancock Had It Easy

Jack Lew’s signature has been a bit of a dealio around here lately. Lew, as you may know, is the President’s nominee for Treasury. He’s worked all over the place: White House, State Department, OMB, etc. No one’s doubting his cred, unlike with many cabinet nominees. It’s in fact his signature that is under fire. Here it is:


If Jack Lew becomes the Secretary of the Treasury, that signature is going to be on every single piece of currency. Some people (your humble blogger not included) believe this series of loops isn’t nearly serious enough to be printed on The Legal Tender of These United States.


Sympathy to Lew is probably dependent on factors like gender, age, and name. For this female Generation Y-er with an 18-letter name (NOT EVEN COUNTING A MIDDLE INITIAL, YOU GUYS), I totally get it. People give me crap about my signature all the time because it’s basically two flat lines. You know what I say? If I had to make each letter in my name distinct, I’d still be finishing signatures from 2007, SO BACK OFF.

Jack Lew can’t use that excuse, but I also bet he signs a lot more stuff than I do.

Are the cabinet nominations news where you are? This is another one of those things that seems like a huge deal around here but is probably unmentioned everywhere else. Whereas we keep wondering things like

IS Chuck Hagel an anti-semite?
SHOULD Obama nominate another woman to replace Linda Solis?
CAN Susan Rice still make it into the cabinet as National Security Adviser?

I understand that the rest of America is wondering things like

IS our Hurricane Sandy relief money coming, like, ever?
SHOULD we close the libraries one day a week to pay for extra police officers?
CAN Quevenzhane Wallis become the youngest ever Oscar winner?

Wait, I care about that last one, too. Because if anything can distract me from inside-the-beltway shenanigans, it’s Hollywood awards season. #TeamArgo

1 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

I've got 20 not counting the middle initial, It's also got three i's, and the last name doesn't fit on any standard form. Ugh. On the other hand, at least it's pretty easy to explain to people how to spell/pronounce it. Though you'd (possibly) be shocked by the number of people who respond to "Put together KILLINGS and WORTH" with "Um, could you spell that?"