January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013

There Are Dreams That Cannot Be

Be careful what you listen to before bed. A lesson I learned last week.

One of my favorite podcasts is Firewall & Iceberg, in which two TV critics from Hitfix.com discuss TV, some movies, and  the occasional sports issue. It’s good times, people. Good times. And rarely psyche-damaging in any way.

Then last week, I listened to an episode, went to bed, and dreamed a dream (not of time gone by, because no). In which the two critics from the podcast gave their listeners an assignment: plot out an episode of Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom.”

But dream me being very similar to real-life me, I resolved to kick this assignment squarely in the buttocks. So after having someone let me into the Kohl’s employee breakroom of shopping mall in which I found myself after having returned from Belgium, I grabbed a napkin and started drawing out my ideas. Here’s what I came up with:

- They go to Texas to shoot a “News Night” episode.
- Will is afraid of air travel.
- MacKenzie thinks it’s funny to act, dress, and speak like a cowgirl.

(I’d also thought up something for Joshua Malina and Sam Waterston’s character to do, but then I realized that Malina’s not actually on the show and Waterston’s character wouldn’t travel even if “News Night” did.)

Newsroom viewers: What do you think? It’s at least as good as anything we saw last season, right?

Other humans: Are your dreams as weird as this?

* Rather than explain how all these things fit into the dream, suffice to say my dreams are both vivid and freakish.

1 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

As for weirdness of dreams, yes. I don't feel it has so much do with what I've eaten, but food does often appear in them. Also, MBBC is a frequent setting, even of things that have nothing whatsoever do do with school/my school years.

As for plot quality, I'd watch this. I guess that's not a huge endorsement, since I watched every episode last season and plan to watch the next, so let me rephrase. I feel like I would be greatly amused watching this, and would produce far less groaning.