February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Seriously, Did Someone Say Cheese

Whatcha been up to lately? I spent the weekend ogling expensive cars at the auto show and watching the Granthams play cricket.

Another year, another impossibly-narrow Mini Cooper rear window.

So, anyway, it turns out that I got into the White House Social, in which a group of government types are going to watch the State of the Union with White House staffers and ask them questions afterwards and


Obviously, there’s absolutely no chance I’ll be able to play it cool. Already I can’t decide which Hello Kitty necklace to wear.

(Maybe just the HK watch?)

The sad thing is that I rarely watch the SOTU* all the way through. I just catch highlights the morning after. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a Presidential speech, it’s that I prefer a Presidential speech filtered through the dulcet tones of Brian Williams.

But this year I will need to pay attention during the whole thing AND try to ask constructive questions afterwards rather than my usual inquiries of the “Are there appetizers?” variety.

(Can I take snacks into the White House? What is the protocol?)

On the plus side, pictures are allowed, so I will do my best. I’ll also be live-tweeting as @medevam with the tags #WHSocial and/or #SOTU.

(Ix-nay on my epublican-Ray ote-vay, okay?)

I wonder who the designated survivor will be? I hope it’s Arne Duncan, because he’s like 20 feet tall and a picture of the two of us would be totes hilarious. What if it’s Eric Shinseki and I try to Asian-bond with him and end up insulting him instead?


* This is how the cool kids refer to it. So I’m told.

1 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

For reference, as a proud Mini Cooper owner, the rear mirror and window provides plenty of visibility. However, the Mini Coupe that you're sitting is does have a much smaller visibility area.