March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013

Jew Taboo, You Can Too

Recently found myself COMPLETELY ENGROSSED in a game of Taboo, Jewish Edition.

This certainly raises a few questions, I know. Why was I willingly participating in a social activity? Why the Jewish Edition? Did I completely kick ass with my incomparable verbal skills? And so on.

(BLIF*, all those college Bible classes made up for my Gentile status. I killed.)

Friend-of-blog Lianne held a little gathering in which she promised to a) feed me and b) provide entertainment in the form of board games. What I didn't realize is that Lianne had been gifted Taboo, Jewish Edition. That's right: It's a thing. (Henceforth referred to as "Jew Taboo" because it rhymes.)

For those of you not familiar with Taboo, why are we friends again? you have to get your teammates to say a word or phrase without being allowed to say five words or phrases closely associated with that word. For example, you might be trying to get your teammates to say "bed" but you can't say "mattress" or "sleep" or "king size." You get the idea.

So Jew Taboo focuses on terms from Judaism, the Old Testament, famous Jews, etc. And while the "hard" cards were impossible for even me to parse (as they were mostly in Yiddish), the "easy" cards turned out to be doable. We even turned it into an opportunity to learn a bit more about the Jewish culture. Also, to make relentless fun of the Jews. As we do.

At one point, Lianne told me that I'd love Judaism because it's a li'l OCD. I must admit I've thought about it. Then I remember that I love shrimp. But still, I try to keep an open mind. It's like how my college offered a class about "Comparative Religions" that I wanted to take, until my roommate reminded me that the point of the class was more "Here's how these religions are WRONG" and less "Here's what these religions are about." BUT MATCH.COM SAYS IT'S OKAY TO LOOK, I wanted to respond. Sigh.

Anyway, huge-fan-of-board-games that I am, I found Jew Taboo only slightly-less fun than regular Taboo. But also slightly-more educational. And way more glottal. Yay Yiddish!

* Bottom line up front, for those of you not employed by the Department of Defense.

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