June 4, 2013

June 4, 2013

Moving and Shaking

In my family, we judge events, enterprises, and other Big Things not by what went right, but by what went wrong. Your party may have been 99% fabulous, but we will discuss and remember it by that 1% that was a little wonky. Please don’t be offended; we hold ourselves to the same standard. And honestly, if our response to your wedding was “I had a little trouble hearing the minister,” you should consider it a rousing endorsement.

For example, we took a trip to Yosemite National Park in 1999. Our recollections of that trip start not with the majestic waterfalls and redwoods, but with the Japanese family in the neighboring tent who insisted on singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic ALL NIGHT LONG.

Last year, we went to Gettysburg, PA. We loved the museum, the battlefield tour, the hotel, and the battle-themed buffet (General Pickett’s) where we were waited on by a Rainman-esque savant. But the first thing we mention is how I got lost on the way to the buffet and had to do a u-turn in a cornfield.

So if you ask me next week how the trip to LA went, you’re most likely to hear about the weird guy who sat next to me on the plane, or how I tripped on John Wayne’s footprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Consider yourself warned.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been preparing by exposing myself to a lot of trivia. A lot. Of trivia. Surprisingly, this has involved listening to a lot of NPR. (Whatever you think about NPR listeners, you can’t deny they’re a pretty smart—if boring—bunch.) Though I’m probably two kale-centric meals away from purchasing vegan footwear, I’ve discovered several new podcasts to while away the hours I spend sitting on broken-down Metrobuses and whatnot.

Did you know that NPR is actually based in DC? You probably did, and I’m the one who’s late to the party. They recently upgraded to fancy new headquarters building, and are going to (be still my heart) start offering tours. My chances of spilling something on Carl Kasell just tripled, you guys. But anyway, I stumbled on this trippy little OK Go music video in which the song starts in the old building and ends in the new. Enjoy. (My favorite cameo, of course, is Carl. My second favorite cameo is the Chinatown Arch. My third favorite cameo is the crazy street guy at the end. Good old DC.)

OK Go videos are one of the few things make me proud of humanity.

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