July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013

In My Opinion: Star Trek Into Darkness

The world’s gone mad. Heat dome. Royal baby. Comic Con. I’ve taken refuge with indoor entertainment because it’s chaos out there. Star Trek Into Darkness was more than a movie; it was two hours of security from the madness of summer oh-thirteen.

[First, a notice: The Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy IMAX now sells concessions, including alcoholic beverages. This isn’t a problem if you like to eat and drink at movies, and I know that many people fall into that category. It’s more troublesome if you don’t like stepping on a floor that’s simultaneously crunchy and sticky, but I’ll deal with it if it supports the Smithsonian. Sequestration, you are a cruel, cruel mistress.]

[Second, another notice: There be spoilers ahead. And lots of mangled Star Trek references because I’m a girl.]

Star Trek Into Darkness opens with a thrilling scene on the planet Nibiru, which is similar to earth except with red plants instead of green ones. A giant volcano is about to obliterate the indigenous people of Nibiru (Nibirans? Nibirites?), so the crew of the Enterprise has decided to covertly detonate a cold fusion device that will literally save the world.

[They have to do it covertly because of something called The Prime Directive, which says civilizations have to be allowed to develop on their own without interference from humans or something. I’m fuzzy on the details. Pretty sure this is why we don’t have flying cars yet, though.]

Of course, things go horribly wrong, and Captain Kirk has to fly the Enterprise right over the volcano to beam Spock out of it and man, did all of that look fantastic on a giant IMAX screen. Sadly, this rescue brought to you in amazing Technicolor gets Kirk in trouble for breaking that Prime Directive dealio, so he gets hauled into Starfleet and shown the what for.

[Me myself personally? Would absolutely be working at Starfleet rather than going into space. Why leave earth? We have Ikea here. And tater tots ANY TIME YOU WANT THEM.]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (London), random Starfleet employee decides to blow up his workplace one day in exchange for a mysterious stranger’s promise to cure his gravely ill daughter. A pretty big deal, and that’s before we learn that said workplace is Section 31 and said stranger is “John Harrison” aka…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…



So TheBoy was absolutely delighted at all the lore being whipped out because most of the plot of this film parallels that of Star Trek 2: Electric Boogaloo The Wrath of Khan. I, not having seen that movie, didn’t catch any of that. I kept wondering why Sherlock wasn’t Sherlock.

[Khan – now 100% Cumberbathcier!]

So the film involves a lot of complex stuff between Khan and Starfleet and Kirk and Spock and shifting motives and random aliens (including one adorable tribble). By the time Kirk dies after crawling into the warp core, it barely cracks the top five of “OMG” moments.

[For me: 1. Destruction of Section 31. 2. Enterprise rising out of the water on Nibiru. 3. Harrison shooting out the Starfleet conference room. 4. Spock detonating the cold fusion device in the volcano. 5. Kirk’s death.]

I really liked this film. It looked great, it was the sort of super-sleek future world I really like (if not the slightly-dystopian one I really love), and it was populated with all sorts of interesting characters. Not least the supporting ones: Sulu, Bones, Uhura, etc. I look forward to the next film (there has to be another, right?) and can only hope the tribbles get more screen time.

1 Fish in a Sea of Diet Coke:

I agree with TheBoy! It was an amazing movie because of all the allusions to previous movies that us Trekkies love! And if you love the tribble, check out the original Star Trek show The Trouble with Tribbles! One of my favorites