July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013

The Sign of Four

Four good weird things happened on my commute yesterday. The qualifier—good—is important, since a day with four weird things on my commute is pretty much just a day. But good weird? Something is up with the universe. (You know the saying: Two’s company, three’s a crowd, four’s the universe screwing with you.)

1. A company was handing out free K-Cups outside my Metro station. I’m probably supposed to use the generic term for K-Cups but no one really knows what that is (single-serve coffee pods?), in the same way that Kleenex and Xerox have become shorthand for their respective product categories. Anyway, I’m a sucker for anything free and the fact that this was actually something useful blew me away.

2. In the evening, two people were playing bassoon outside my Metro station. Musicians aren’t unusual outside Foggy Bottom; there’s a ton of foot traffic and a Starbucks nearby, which results in people with spare change literally in hand. But bassoons? Seriously? For those of you who didn’t grow up playing in band and orchestra, here’s what a bassoon looks like:

It’s not exactly portable. Street musicians with violins? No big deal. Trumpets? Sure. But you never hear about a troubadour with a bassoon for apparent reasons, so the fact that there were two of them, in yesterday’s heat, standing, is pretty freaking ballsy. I love it.

3. My train came early. As one of the people shafted by Rush Plus, I’ve become thankful when a blue line train shows up at all. We’re down to a handful an hour, with a passenger count that has remained flat and possibly grown now we’re in tourist season.

[Sidebar: Almost all of the big tourist attractions are on the BL: White House, Smithsonian, Arlington Cemetery, US Capitol, Library of Congress, National Mall, etc. So please don’t complain to me about all the tourists on your line. We’re at the point where I’m considering kicking strollers over on a daily basis.]

But yesterday the train came at 4:37 instead of 4:40, and I had a glorious three extra minutes. Those of you who commute in DC understand how huge a deal that is. Not exactly Donald Trump “yooge,” but still.

4. A guy gave up his seat for me on the train. I don’t want to go all “woe is me, stuff like that never happens to me” but stuff like that never happens to me. I like to think it’s because I exude a capable air, but it’s probably the brown hair and absence of visible cleavage. I was so impressed with the guy, I thanked him TWICE—once when he gave up the seat and again when I left the train. I repeat: I acknowledged another human being two times. Rarer than a smile from Vladimir Putin.

Which brought me back to my original question: Universe, what’s your game here? I appreciate the efforts to get me in a good mood, but why? Then I realized: That Woman is about to have the royal baby. And if these events are any indication, that thing is going to be adorable. Sigh.

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