August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013

The Rest of the Game Show Story

By now, I hope those of you inclined to watch my episode of The Chase have done so. Regardless, this happened:

Props where props are due: My teammates Jonathan and Cory were excellent. They have mad TV game show experience between them, and I'll gladly be part of any team where I'm the dumb one.

(To be fair, I think I held my own. Remember, I'm a lady, so my brain is smaller.)

I daren't give you too many behind-the-scenes tips for fear of invoking the wrath of the Hollywood gods, but here are a few excerpts from the copious notes I'll someday turn into a chapter of my memoirs (working title: Pop-Tarts in the Dark):

- A lot got edited out. The taping took about three hours, and the final show is about 40 minutes. I'm no mathematician, but I think that means they had to cut a lot of chat, explanation, and jokes from us, Brooke, and Mark. On the plus side, I suck at extemporaneous interpersonal communication so I was pleased.

- It's disconcerting to be on a show when you're a huge fan of the show. I imagine I would have a similar reaction upon entering Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. "This is the place of which I have dreamed."

- I managed to eat an entire show-provided Chinese food lunch without spilling on myself. Did it require a metric ton of napkins? Yes. But did I appear on television stain-free? ALSO YES. HA.

- The cash builder was my finest hour. I was so in the zone, my soul briefly left my body. I have no recollection of half the questions, though the literal meaning of "dachshund" will never leave me.

It was an amazing experience, though part of me hopes it is also a stepping stone. I got all my TV jitters out of the way, so call me, Trebek.

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