November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

What Happened in Vegas, Part 3

The third day of my trip to Vegas ended up involving the three Cs: chocolate, cactus, and Copperfield. Pretty standard desert stuff, really.

The chocolate refers to Ethel M, the fancy-schmancy branch of Mars. Y’know, the M&Ms people. TheBoy has a long-standing family connection to the company, so I’m only allowed to eat Hershey bars in secret. (Not really, but I pretend.) Ethel M has a factory in Henderson that you can tour (!) and that gives out free samples (!!) and that is accessible by public transportation in case you’re a tourist without a rental car (!!!).

Indeed, we took not one but two buses to the factory, and I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to do that. (My second-finest public transportation-related hour, after the time I rode the bus in LA. That was a scene straight out of Southland.)

Can you spot the heart containers? They were producing for Valentine’s Day already.

For some reason, the Ethel M factory has a delightful cactus garden outside. Because it’s in the desert? Because the Mars family is really into cacti? Because they’re secretly putting cactus in the M&Ms? Perhaps all three. But for your humble Wisconsin-raised, Virginia-living blogger, getting to see a real-live cactus was sorta mind-blowing.

In the books of my childhood, these were always wearing sombreros.

Called the purple pancake cactus, for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

It may always be Christmas in Vegas, though I doubt it’s ever snowy. Rendering these snowmen even more incongruous.

The evening was spent watching David Copperfield make stuff appear and make stuff disappear and pretty much Blow Everyone’s Minds just as he did during the television specials of my youth. No pictures because I'm pretty sure they would have executed me on stage and I'm too young to die in a non-food related event.

After the magick show, I played $1 at a penny slot machine (walked away with $2.32 so booyah) and spent not a little time Googling the secrets behind David Copperfield’s tricks. You’d think that sort of thing would be easier to find out these days. It isn’t. The magician’s guild apparently has a pretty close hold on the internet.

In part 4: A dam, Vegas after dark, and a drink named Beverly.

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