December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

What Happened in Vegas, Part 4

I’m going to combine the last two days of my Vegas trip into one entry because I didn’t do all that much on the very last day of the trip and also it’s taken me two freaking months to write these four measly recaps. Honestly, I’d consider a recall-the-blogger petition if I were you.

My first stop was the Hoover Dam. (Pretend I made a series of clever puns on the word “dam” here.) Though the Dam is in fact run by the federal government, and though the government was still sequestrated down at the time, the Dam was open because it’s funded by revenue collected through fees. For my friends in the federal budgeting world, it was a revolving fund situation. For my friends not in the federal budgeting world, it means I got to go on, in, and around the Dam.

Oh, and the nearby Callahan Bridge, which was built so regular people could avoid the tourist traffic chaos of the Dam.

IMO, just as spectacular as the Dam.

I love the Art Deco era, and the stylings of such novels as The Great Gatsby and The Fountainhead (if not the novels themselves), so I totally dug the feel of the Dam. Say what you will about the 1930s; those people built things to LAST.

Things like this cue up Rhapsody in Blue in my head. MURICUH.

On the way back to Vegas, our tour bus driver stopped near Lake Mead (actually for serious closed due to the slimdown) so we could get some pictures from afar.

Shouldn't it be tarped or something?

Once I got back to the Strip, I was drawn like a moth to a flame to the World of Coke store. Specifically, their tasting tray: 16 samples of Coke products sold around the world.

Definitely let the colors freak you out. They're a hint of the danger ahead.

I consider myself a champion Coke drinker, averaging at my peak four cans a day. But even split between me and TheBoy, this tray did us in. Also doing us in: flavors like cucumber, pine nut, and Beverly. Beverly is served in Italy and we thought it tasted like death. Fun!

I knew I had to see the Strip at night, because it was my best chance of finding Ocean’s Eleven it’s entirely different then than during the day. The Bellagio fountain looks different:

You’ve got the Mirage volcano:

And don’t forget the freakishly-bright column of light emanating from the Luxor:

It’s like Christmas decorations. Some look best during the day, some during the night. And rarely do those two groups overlap.

So will I ever go back? I think I probably will, once enough years have passed. Maybe for my 40th birthday. I need to see whether David Copperfield has aged at all, and if perhaps Beverly tastes better when you’re old(er).

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