January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Consider This: Enlisted

One of the unexpected benefits of going home for the holidays was that I watched a lot of regular network TV. My parents don’t have cable or internet, so it was the big four plus the occasional Family Feud episode on Milwaukee’s CW affiliate. Thank goodness for all those repeats of Hollywood Game Night, is all I can say.

But the beauty of sitting through so many commercials—other than the realization that Americans must buy a lot of cars—is the exposure to new and returning shows. Despite my subscriptions to numerous entertainment periodicals (like Sarah Palin, I read “…all of them”), I didn’t realize that Community was coming back so soon, or that Girls was right around the corner, or that FOX is trying a comedy about military life.

That last one’s called Enlisted, and TheBoy and I have agreed separately and together that it looks like an interesting show. It’s apparently about three brothers in the army, at least one of which is a screw-up. (Possibly two of them are screw-ups. Unclear.) I’m hoping for dark comedy a la the BBC’s Bluestone 42, but probably with less profanity and more minorities. Really, anything that makes the military world a little more accessible is welcome. If they do an episode explaining how it is that every enlisted rank is some form of sergeant, I’d be golden. Watch the trailer here, then check it out this Friday.

Other notes on midseason TV:
  • Though we had zero sightings of Ghost Sybil on the season 4 premiere of Downton Abbey, that doesn’t mean she wasn't there
  • I myself personally really liked ABC’s The Assets, but I also loved FX’s The Americans, which is basically the same show but told from the Russian perspective.
  • When did Jimmy Fallon become the face of NBC? Dude is everywhere lately. Not a value judgment; just an observation.

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